Pakistani Store Set Afire

Syed Hamim Shah, a Pakistani immigrant and resident of Staten Island suffered a loss of over half a million dollars when two unknown white men burned down his grocery store a couple of weeks ago.

Before throwing a bag full of explosives on the floor, the attackers verbally abused the sales clerk, yelling, “You Muslims leave our country!”

Initially, the clerk didn’t take their words seriously and kept doing his work, Mr. Shah said. But as soon as he heard the explosion, he ran out of the store along with others. A team of firefighters arrived at the scene within five minutes, but the entire store had already burnt to ashes.

The police have not yet arrested anyone.

Mr. Shah described the incident as a hate crime. He said he has been living in the United States for 22 years, and that he had been serving the Pakistani community without thoughts of material or immaterial gains. “I had never thought of such a tragedy in my life,” he said of his loss.

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