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On the surface seems like an innocent enough website, full of news and information about local politics, happenings, etc. They have a message board for anyone who wishes to communicate about any number of Bay Ridge-related issues.

The message board entitled “Community Issues” has some very illuminating comments that made me wonder why community leaders in Bay Ridge insist that we’re all just one big happy family. I copied these comments out, with a warning that they they are extremely offensive.

There are too many arabs in Bay Ridge… Our beautiful neighborhood has changed dramatically, and not for the better.

I think Arabs pollute our city… they have a certain resentment toward freedom and diversity.

It still shocks me that people cannot come to terms that Arab muslims, yes, you’re (sic) very neighbors hate Americans. They’re not here to better the country, they’re here to terrorize…

Maybe there isn’t much in the Koran that’s radically different from the Bibles of other major religions. The problem I think is the Imams and other Muslim leaders who interpret it to teach hate America, hate Jews, treat women like inferior beings, etc.

I lived in the Middle East (Bahrain) for two years, I know this culture well. These are people who will cripple their children so they can send them out as beggars! If they can do that to their own, what do you think they will do to us? I think we already have a good idea of what their mutant minds are capable of……..SEPT 11, 2001!

I think it is terrible how these woman run around all covered up, they must really smell in the heat. yet their husbands don’t cover themselves. They are slobs and have not yet learned how to live in America. But they keep having babies, and they keep allowing them in here…

While I don’t look at every Arab as a terrorist, I do wonder…why don’t they talk to me about September 11th… How come they (not one so far) have not told me how very sorry they are that this happened

…tell us why islam is such a great religion, or even tell us why it should even be recognized as a legitimate religion as opposed to some cult like followers of charles manson

I have set aside the following three comments for two reasons. I) The first two incite violence, elevating them from the “stupid” category to the “dangerous” category. 2) The last comment touches upon a prevalent issue in our community: Our unwillingness to break our self-imposed silence and the consequences of that unwillingness.

When are the ALLEGED ‘Powers that Be’ in this neighborhood/country gonna wake up? CLOSE THE F’n BORDERS – Anybody who is here and shouldn’t be – GIVE ‘EM A CHANCE TO LEAVE – then, if they don’t, SHOOT ‘EM!

…instead of making 5th a one way street i would just firebomb the entire thing because of its grotesque nature. That would be a good way to get rid of most of the filthy arabs who stink up our neighborhood…

When are the authorities going to wake up and start investigating these people? Must we wait for another rude awakening. Something is wrong somewhere if all of us are saying the same things and not one arab logs on here to defend them.

If an Arab American were to post violent comments like these on a website, is it safe to say he or she would be investigated in a heartbeat?

I understand there is no way we can address every single stupid, baseless, derogatory, prejudicial remark that is made about our community. I accept there is no way for us to teach tolerance to bigots.

I do NOT, however, understand or accept why our response to every single situation that arises is SILENCE. Aren’t there any Arab American residents of this neighborhood who think their honor and reputation are worth defending, and who believe that combating ignorance with facts about who we are is important?

I don’t want the website shut down. I believe in freedom of speech. I want, however, the hatred and bigotry to be acknowledged instead of ignored. I’m sick to death of this steadfast determination to pretend that everything in Bay Ridge is fine and we all get along famously.

– Who is monitoring this website?

– Who is sponsoring this website? I refuse to give my business to anyone who advertises there.

– Why are our community leaders not up in arms about this website?

– Why haven’t our elected officials condemned some of the contents of this website?

– Why is it acceptable to make comments that incite violence?

I would like to go to the website after this issue is distributed and see the “Community Issues” section innundated with comments by Arab Americans vociferously defending themselves, their neighbors, and their heritage.


Go to:, click on “Message Board.” A new page will open up. Click on “Community Issues”. A list of topics will appear. Choose the second one (“Is it me or are there many Arabs in Bay Ridge?”). That’s a good place to start, as it’s the most recent discussion.

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