Korean American students offer tutoring

Korean American students at Columbia University have gotten together to offer free English classes for the Korean American community.

Edonation, a non-profit organization, will hold vocabulary and pronunciation classes for adults, SAT/AP courses for high school students and Korean classes for kids this fall.

Edonation, a word combining education and donation, was created last February by graduate students from Columbia  to provide free educational services to the Korean American community in the greater New York area. The 13-member organization has since held SAT preparatory courses and Korean classes for kids. Some  200 people took advantage of the program.

“I hope students don’t just use their education to just get jobs,” Binna Lee, president of the organization, said. “The mission of Edonation is to practice true sharing and awaken the true meaning of life.”

The vocabulary and pronunciation classes will be held on Saturdays and Sundays. They began on Sept. 24 and will continue through Oct. 16, on a first-come, first-served basis. The application, and more information on the courses can be found on the group’s website at edonationproject.com.

President Lee and Jinyee Kim, who are currently graduate students at Teachers College, will teach the classes. Information on books and other materials for the classes will be provided via email.

For questions concerning the application process, contact edonation.info@gmail.com.

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