Korean prostitution in the US is out of control

South Korean lawmakers are concerned about the number of Korean women who have come to the United States to work as prostitutes since the Korea-US Visa Waiver Program began in 2008.

In the past five years, hundreds of Korean prostitutes have been arrested in the Mid-Atlantic states  of the U.S., including New York, and  lawmakers are urging  the Korean government to come up with solutions.

Since 2007, more than 200 Koreans have been caught for their involvement in the sex trade on the east coast, according to data released on Sept. 19 by Rep. Sun-young Park of the Liberty Forward Party in Korea. The illegal massage parlors and spas where prostitutes provided sexual services were mainly found in New York, New Jersey and Virginia

“As Koreans can enter the United States more easily than ever with the visa waiver program from 2008, the number of Koreans involved in the sex trade in the U.S. has rapidly increased,” Rep. Park said. “Government-level effort is urgently needed.”

Recently, the FBI apprehended a woman, who had entered the country to work as a nurse, and charged her with procuring prostitutes for clients in New York City. She is now behind bars. According to the Korean Consulate General in New York, the woman is also suspected of human trafficking. Some prostitutes hired by the woman filed a complaint against her for not paying them a salary.

The trend extends to the west coast as well. Not long ago, four Korean women in California were arrested for selling sex after opening a massage parlor. In Alaska, a Korean couple was caught  operating a brothel exclusively for senior citizens.


  1. May Bryan says:

    Korean exports is neither battered car of Hyundai neither Samsung’s consumer electronics junk.
    Korea’s exports are prostitutes from “In the old days to now also. Exports to earn foreign currency prostitutes all over the world, and this is national policy in South Korea.

    They are pretending to be Japanese prostitution to be irritating.

    • None of your business says:

      National policy to send women to prostitute to earn foreign currency? What planet are you from?

    • Shut it up you smelly racist, do you own fucking cotton farm in the south or something? It your sense, is America exporting death and unhapiness to the globe? Fo their own benefits? Such a gross peice of shit

  2. afraid Hwabyung says:

    Those prostitutes will claim we were trafficked by the Western governments for comfort, and ask for compensation in stead of pensions 30 years later. Before that they try to be treated as African slaves to justify their rights to stay.

  3. They never changed, they know what they are the best since last centuries.

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  6. choro in Tokyo says:

    The police arrested 8 Koreans in Uguisdani, Tokyo,today.This is quiet place even though there are a lot of business hotels there. Korean prostitutes usually stand on the streets. Frankly speaking Tokyo has a lot of brothels. However, the girls are sheltered inside the houses. I feel a pity when seeing Korean girls standing on the streets exposing their figures to cold winds.This is maltreatment of women.

  7. The Ultimate says:

    Sigh, gotta love all these japanese pretending to be westerners. Pretty funny considering how many women strive to become Pornstars in Japan.

  8. The Ultimate says:

    The japanese posting here have no right to lecture others on anything. Look how popular Japanese porn here in North America. Heck, let’s generalize and say that for Europe as well.

  9. anton reger says:

    According to Rubmaps.com, a website that tells whore mongers where to score, there are 1312 Korean massage parlors in the USA. They are all over the map, not just the coasts.

  10. I just watched a documentary on Asian girls caught up in the seemingly inescapable trap of massage parlor brothels. My God! I’m astounded. I can’t believe people could be so cruel. Especially when it comes to doing this to their fellow countrymen. I knew it happened in China where North Korean defectors were trapped in the attempt of fleeing the brutal regime of North Korea, but here in North America. I thought Korean people were more compassionate than that. I thought they were honorable and truly cared about their fellow Koreans. After hearing about what the Japanese did during World War Two I kind of thought Korean people would be repulsed at this kind of activity. I guess I was wrong. Everyone is precious. I feel so bad for those young girls. I wish I could help them.

  11. It is hard to explain how South(and also North)Korea has lost face in the modern industrial world as the most prostitution exporting country(arguably) in the world.
    Part of it might be historical inheritance. South Korea used to be a dirt poor country up to the late 1950s.
    Traditionally,poor families would turn a blind eye to there daughters(done are valued more) who had no choice but to prostitute the selves to bring money into
    the family to have food,and other basic necessities.
    The invading hordes of Chinese,Mongolian,Japanese,a do even Russians,a d A ericans took
    advantage of the “desperate situation” and abuse the local, women.

  12. What’s ironic in this whole thing is how some Koreans can be so fervently Christian yet ignore the darkness and backwardness of prostitution. They talk a good game, but Korean Christians pretty much allow this to happen in their own communities.

  13. S. Koreans try to build comfort women statues in the U.S in order to make them a symbol of their major export product, which are prostitution.

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