Campaign for heat in El Barrio

This week, the organization Movement for Justice in El Barrio, started the “Hogares Helados” (“Frigid Households”) campaign, an initiative to help low-income families get hot water and heating in their homes during the oncoming cold season.

“Each year, many people in El Barrio are affected by greedy landlords who, in order to save money, leave hundreds of people without hot water and heat, without thinking about their quality of life and well-being,” said the Movement for Justice in El Barrio (MJB), as it started a series of activities dedicated to educating the families of East Harlem on how to protest the lack of service, which is obligatory from October to March in New York City.

The organization, comprised of Mexican immigrants, said that despite the fact that the measure is stipulated in New York’s housing code and includes severe penalties, each year, hundreds of families, largely minorities, are left helpless against a lack of compliance with the law.

MJB went to the streets to hand out informational fliers and publicize their help line, which provides assistance in English and Spanish for those who still haven’t mastered the English language. People seeking to report a lack of heat or hot water service in El Barrio may call 212-561-0555 to receive help.

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