Korean youths spread Taekwondo

Two Korean siblings are quietly leading the spread of the Korean martial art Taekwondo in the New York metropolitan area.

Jusin Huh, 22, and Juchan Huh, 21, who have worked as assistant instructors at Korea Taekwondo, a Taekwondo studio, since September 2010, are teaching the martial art at public schools where Taekwondo is part of the regular physical education curriculum.

The small but hard-working brother and sister visit the schools every week, Monday through Friday. “We wish more New York City public schools would adopt Taekwondo as part of their regular curriculum, so that we could teach more non-Korean as well as Korean students to enjoy the sport as well as Korean culture,” Jusin and Juchan said.

The siblings, who started learning the sport at the age of six, hold records including a third-degree black belt in Taekwondo and a first-degree in Aikido.

“My parents got me to start Taekwondo to change my introverted personality and build self-confidence,” Juchan said. It began as a hobby, but he soon got immersed in the charm of the sport and practiced three to six hours every day. He played for Daejeon city’s Taekwondo team as a grade school student and won a silver medal at a competition in Busan City in his first year of middle school.

Jusin has also participated in various competitions and started teaching Taekwondo at a young age.

Jusin and Juchan major in education at Queens College and Nassau County Community College, respectively. “We hope that the Korean government will promote the national martial art at the same level as the Korean language, so that Taekwondo instructors all over the world can teach and promote it with more pride,” the college-student siblings said.

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