Wall Street protest worries Mexicans

The “Occupy Wall Street” movement taking place in the neighborhoods surrounding Wall Street is creating fear among Mexican immigrant workers due to the constant demonstrations and the police presence in the area trying to maintain order in the Financial District of Lower Manhattan.

“Since they started, we have seen a lot of movement, and last week it scared me a little because there were a lot of arrests. Sometimes you could get mixed into the protesters,” said Alejandro Galindo, who delivers food for a restaurant located on Pearl Street, which is heavily-guarded by police near the exits of the 2 and 3 subway station.

Mexicans who work near the protest zone said that despite the demonstrations, they haven’t had any issues yet. “There were a few delays on the train that I take to my house, but nothing more than that,” said Carlos Torres, a Mexican immigrant who delivers pizzas to the protesters near the stock market.

It should be mentioned that if you do pass through this area, it is necessary that you follow the instructions of those policing the area. Failure to do so could result in arrests for disobeying the authorities, officials said.

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