Hispanics Win Elections in NJ

Several Hispanic nominees triumphed in state and local elections in the Garden State on November 8.

Legislator Nellie Pou (D), of Legislative District 35, rose from the General Assembly to the State Senate in New Jersey, after receiving 75% of the votes, becoming the Latina with the highest percentage of votes won in the elections.

Belgica Costa Montoro was elected as a council member in the borough of Haledon, in Passaic County, having obtained 25% of the vote.

Bernice Toledo, who won the election for surrogate, also in Passaic County, received 55.85% of the vote. In addition, Eliu Rivera claimed victory at the ballot box in Hudson County in District 4; José Muñoz in District 7; and Tilo Rivas in District 6.

Meanwhile, Assemblyman Vincent Prieto (D), of Legislative District 32 in Hudson County, was reelected to become the new chairman of the Assembly Budget Committee; Rubén Ramos Jr. (D) won in District 33 and in the city of Harrison, Victor Villalta won the vote to represent the Third Ward.

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