“Occupy Wall Street” media wrap-up #8

  • An editorial from Filipino Reporter asks, “Will OWS achieve what it sets out to do?” “Will Filipino activists follow suit and mount similar protests in front of the Philippine Stock Exchange or the Securities and Exchange Commission?” This, and the other questions it asks, may only find answers with time. — Filipino Reporter (Nov. 10)
  • After noticing few people of color at Zuccotti Park, Malik Rhasaan started the hashtag “#occupythehood” on Twitter. From there, the Occupy the Hood movement grew from New York and reached cities across the country, with support from “professors down to cats who just got out of prison.” — Amsterdam News, Amity Paye (Nov. 24)
  • An Irish Central editorial from Cahir O’Doherty compares the presence of police in riot gear and helmets to Belfast in the early 90s, and criticizes the American media for its “spectacularly pathetic job of reporting what the aims of the Occupy Wall Street movement are.” O’Doherty responds by giving a rundown of what led to the 99% vs. 1% disparity that now exists. “Fixing that imbalance is what Occupy Wall Street is all about.” — Irish Central, Cahir O’Doherty (Nov. 24)
  • To protest the removal of the Morning Glory Community Garden, activists recited their grievances and telephoned board members when they couldn’t reach an official, producing the video that accompanies the story, “Gardeners occupy community board.”  — Mott Haven Herald, Elizabeth Chen (Nov. 25)
  • Occupy the Bronx took their protest to Hunts Point in the South Bronx on Nov. 19. “At the Speakout, attorneys offered advice about the rights of people who are stopped by the police and people in the audience spoke of profiling and brutality.” — Hunts Point Express, Sarah Grile (Nov. 26)
  • On the academic side, a discussion on Occupy Wall Street took place last Tuesday, Nov. 22 at City College in Harlem. Professors from City College, The New School and Columbia University talked about the movement in terms of its diversity, goals and future. — Manhattan Times, Marisol Rodríguez (Nov. 29)
  • In a similar note, Downtown Express features an article with an academic angle: “OWS “through the lens of anarchy.’” — Downtown Express, Zach Williams (Nov. 23)
  • An editorial in the Manhattan Times frames the protests from another angle: music, in particular, Billy Joel and “New York State of Mind.” — Manhattan Times, Debralee Santos (Nov. 29)
CUNY protests

CUNY students protest tuition hike. (Sarah Tan/DNAinfo)

  • Hundreds of students gathered outside Baruch College Monday (Nov. 29) in protest as CUNY trustees met inside, voting in approval of tuition hikes. But more than just a protest, it’s an indication that people are starting to come together and speak up. — DNAinfo, Mary Johnson, Sarah Tan and Caroline Jumpertz (Nov. 30)

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