Jewish women lag men in pay and status

Last Friday, The Forward published its third annual survey of salaries among 76 national Jewish American non-profit organizations. It found that men lead most of the organizations at 88% and earn more than women.

Infographic showing difference between earnings by men and women

In an editorial, the publication calls on the community to acknowledge the inequality:

When we see that the paltry number of women in leadership positions has remained stubbornly low and that the salary gap between male and female executives has grown even larger, we should recognize that this is our own form of inequality. Why is there only one woman running a major federation when women elsewhere are in charge of large corporations and entire countries? Why is there only one woman among the top religious and educational leaders when women elsewhere head the nation’s most prestigious universities, and when some rabbinical schools are graduating more women than men?

The survey exhibits what is essentially the community’s “own 1%.”

When a nearly all-male network runs most of the national Jewish organizations — those on the political left, right and center — saying it speaks for the entire community but in fact looks like only half of it, that perverts our politics. And when some of those leaders consistently pull in salaries that might make a college football coach blush, that further entrenches a kind of aristocracy, removing the upper echelons from the reach of the rest of us.

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