Spicy food – Mexican cure for hangovers

Mexican immigrants in New York City turn to natural home remedies to cure hangovers and other physical discomforts from overindulging during the holidays.

“A good tea makes a huge difference after a big meal,” said Maricela Uscanga, a Mexican-American who knows how to relieve upset stomachs, headaches, and the agony of indigestion. Uscanga, like many Aztecas, believes that using Mexican herbs is one of the best ways to prevent stomach pains. She recommends herbs like chamomile flowers and spices like cloves and cinnamon.

Marco Rivera said there are many remedies useful for varying ailments. “A good chamomile tea always helps after Las Posadas,” he said, referring to the holiday celebrated in Mexico and other countries from Dec. 16 to 24. It commemorates the journey of Joseph and Mary to Bethlehem.

“For a small hangover,” he said, “there’s nothing like very spicy food.” Rivera said he grew up with these remedies that were passed down from generation to generation. “In our country, there is much you can take to recover.”

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