Twitter Provides Forum to Mock Mexicans

Hatred against people of Hispanic heritage is not only seen on the streets of the United States, where Latinos are often the target of attacks. It has now invaded cyberspace as well.

Just yesterday [February 8], even before noon on the microblog Twitter, thousands of Americans had posted offensive messages in which they ridiculed the culture, poverty, and jobs of Mexicans that live in this country.

Using the hashtag (the label that highlights keywords or topics on Twitter) “#You’re Mexican” Americans mocked Mexican customs and traditions. Comments included, “#You’re Mexican if you only go to the restaurant…to be a waiter,” “#You’re Mexican if your f*** last name ends with a Z -Perez, Lopez, Gomez, Sanchez, Gonzalez-“ and “#You’re Mexican if you have paint on your jeans.”

Mexican Twitter users have used the offensive comments as an opportunity to express their pride at having been born on Aztec soil.

Javier Hernández, whose username is “el Chicharito,” was one of the Twitter users who posted the phrase, “#You’re Mexican para dar apoyo a su terruño natal.” [You’re Mexican if you support your homeland.]

Hernández, a well-known soccer player for the team Manchester United, posted on his official Twitter account: “Los Mexicanos amamos a México, por su cultura, su pobreza, su gente, su historia.” [“Mexicans love Mexico for its culture, its poverty, its people, its history.”] “You’re Mexican?” he added. “Yes I am, and I’m so proud of my country.”

This is not the first time that messages motivated by racism have appeared on Twitter. On Jan. 15, a similar controversy  was caused by another hashtag, “#MexicanPeopleBe-DoingStuffLike.” Thousands of users made derogatory statements about Mexicans.

In response, users in Mexico created the hashtag “#GringosBeDoingStuffLike” and posted similar statements about the United States. Mexican and US authorities have remained on the sidelines, and have not made any comment about this boom in racially focused tweeting.

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