Voices in Focus: Two Reports Paint Bleak Picture for Asians

On this Monday morning, we were energized by the video above from Brooklyn Ink, in which an ex-con explains an after-school fitness program he has created for at-risk teenagers in Brooklyn.

“A lot of parents don’t understand,” Will Crandall told the paper. “They think they can force their child to do something because they prepared you. But at the end of the day, it’s you.”

In other news from the community and ethnic media:

* OurChinatown highlighted this tidbit from a recent report on suicide and self-inflicted injuries in New York City, as reported in the Singtao Daily:

From 2000 to 2008, rates among Asians increased by 67 percent, driven mostly by an increase among Asian women.

The highest suicide rate was among whites, and blacks and Hispanics had the lowest suicide rates, according to the report.

* Feet in 2 Worlds looked at another report, this one debunking the idea of Asians as a “model minority”:

A new report issued on February 22 by the Coalition for Asian American Children and Families (CACF) calls the Asian “model minority” paradigm a myth.  Vivian Tseng, a moderator at an event to discuss the new report, labeled it a “persistent, tenacious” concept.

The report calls on Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg to commission an independent task force to look at the data and improve outreach to parents of students who have limited English proficiency.

Expanding the view to South Asian immigrants, Monami Maulik of Desis Rising Up & Moving, or DRUM, said today’s South Asian immigrants are not the professionals who came to the U.S. in the 1960s. Many are cab drivers and low-income workers who struggle with poverty.

“Stop looking at us from the antiquated lens of class privilege,” she said.

* QueensLatino continued its coverage of a ponzi scheme in Queens that scammed hundreds of Latino immigrants:

The problem for investors who received bad checks or did not receive a penny of your investment, is that the Office of the Queens District Attorney, headed by Richard Brown, has not completed its investigation. The New York State Attorney General’s office, led by Eric Schneiderman, is hesitant to act. The office of Congressman Joseph Crowley has not helped the Latinos who lost their savings because of this pyramid.

* And lastly, DNAinfo let us know that the case against one of the soldiers accused of bullying the Chinatown soldier Pvt. Danny Chen before his suicide will go to trail soon:

Sgt. Travis Carden’s court martial will start on April 4 in a U.S. military court in Afghanistan, according to an Army spokesman.

Carden, 25, is facing charges including maltreatment, assault and reckless endangerment.

Trail dates for the other seven accused soldiers have not yet been set.

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