After Month-Long Hunger Strike, Tibetan Protesters Honored

Last month, reporter Gwen McClure brought us the story of Dorjee Gyalpo and the other Tibetan hunger strikers outside the United Nations, who were fasting to protest the Chinese occupation of Tibet and to mourn the Tibetan  protesters who have self-immolated in recent years. Today, she filed an update on the story:

During his hunger strike in front of the United Nations, Dorjee Gyalpo lost more than 20 pounds. (Photo by Gwen McClure)

On Saturday, Gyalpo and his fellow hunger strikers were honored at a reception in Woodside, Queens, where hundreds thanked them for their commitment by placing white silk scarves around the men’s necks. All three men were in good health and spirits. The strike ended on March 22, 30 days after it started, when representatives from the United Nations promised to investigate the situation in Tibet.


  1. Glad their efforts are being recognized and the issue is being addressed!

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