Chinese Community Urged to Learn About Child Abuse

In honor of National Child Abuse Prevention Month, World Journal ran an article that urged the Chinese community to educate themselves about child abuse and stay involved in their children’s lives. An excerpt, translated from the Chinese, is below.

[Suo-wah Luo, a licensed social worker at the New York City’s Administration of Children’s Services] said that in recent years, the ACS has had more cases involving Chinese teenagers who come from immigrant backgrounds.  In many of these cases, their parents worked long hours daily and are rarely involved in their children’s lives. In order to prevent more cases from occurring, Luo said that it is important for parents and caretakers to learn about child protection laws and parenting skills.

Those who have witnessed or experienced any form of child abuse are encouraged to report it to ACS by calling (800) 342-3720.  All calls will be kept confidential, and cases will be investigated within 24 hours. Investigation reports will be released within 60 days.

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