Remembering Gil Noble as a ‘Media Warrior’

The program for Gil Noble's funeral. (via the Amsterdam News)

Several publications ran moving tributes to Gil Noble, after the pioneering New York City television personality — who hosted the long-running black public affairs program “Like it Is” — passed away earlier this month.

Here is a sampling:

David Greaves, the editor of Our Time Press, dedicated his column, “View From Here,” to Noble:

Mr. Noble’s “Like It Is” demonstrated that diversity in media is not simply about having a non-white news reader or host, or covering stories with black people in them.  It is the freedom to bring an African and African-American perspective.  Many are afraid of freedom but Gil Noble was not one of them.  And he proved it every Sunday at 12 noon.

And when he was threatened, it was the people who rose up and stood around him in protection.  They did it because Gil was not just respected and admired as a journalist, he was revered as a living institution and that’s a level that is only achieved when the people know you love them.

Gil Noble was a media warrior on our behalf and we will miss his courtliness, generosity, intelligence and his bravery.

Amsterdam News covered Noble’s funeral.

The closed casket service brought out the who’s who of notable Black New Yorkers and national figures who shared memories and tributes to Noble. Among those who spoke were Louis Farrahkahn, actor Danny Glover, Susan Taylor and Mayor David Dinkins.

“We lost one of the heroes of the community,” Dinkins said. “I am here as part of his extended family. He spoke truth to power. Gil carried the journalistic torch. Gil fought racial discrimination here and apartheid in South Africa. It was a life well lived. Gil Noble left us paid in full let the rest of us not be in the rears.”

Farrakhan said, “He taught us the meaning of life. Gil Nobles’ mark was his unequaled mark on history. His character prevailed (and) he never sold out. He was a brother of enormous integrity. When you can achieve without compromising who you are, that is Gil Noble. He gave for a cause bigger than ourselves. I know Gil was a soul that was sent to us by a higher power to do things.”

And Carib News, in its print edition, quoted the president of WABC-TV, where “Like It Is” was one of the nation’s longest-running public affairs programs.

“He had something that a lot of journalists never acquire, and that’s an unquenchable thirst for the truth,” said  WABC-TV President Dave Davis.

“Gil Noble was not here to keep us comfortable; he was here to make us think,” he said.

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