Two Holidays, One Weekend

Kim Ima, owner of the Treats Truck, with her apple Passover cake. (Photo by Jason Florio / Feet in 2 Worlds)

Both Christians and Jews will be celebrating important holidays this weekend, and there was plenty of coverage of both Easter and Passover in the ethnic and community press. Here are two articles that caught our attention:

* With Easter weekend ahead, El Diario La Prensa brought us the story of a Puerto Rican couple who miss their homeland’s Easter traditions, including the burning in effigy of Judas on Easter Saturday and restricting one’s diet to avoid meat during Lent.

“In my seven years here, I have seen that people here do not give Easter the attention it deserves,” Angel Calderon, 46, told El Diario. “One of the problems I see is that people work on Good Friday, instead of using it to worship God and gather as a family.”

Calderon won’t be burning a Judas effigy here, but he said he’ll avoid meat today, go to church, and pray with his family.

* Feet in 2 Worlds told us about some Passover treats that are available for people of all faiths to enjoy: the leavening-free macaroons, apricot squares, and apple Passover cakes on offer at Kim Ima’s Treats Truck.

Ima, whose father is Japanese American, learned the recipes from her Jewish relatives on her mother’s side. Many of her customers aren’t Jewish, Ima said, but their fondness for these pastries has made them a daily offering on the truck.

“Some people say, ‘I just love that apple cake,'” she told Feet in 2 Worlds. “I say it’s for Passover they say, ‘That’s fine, just give me a slice.’”

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