To Highlight Sex Trafficking of African-Americans, Actress Tells Her Own Story

Brook Bello (Photo via Womens eNews)

As an actress with roles in TV commercials and shows such as “Stargate SGI,” Brook Bello tried to forget her difficult childhood, Women’s eNews reported. But after years of depression and substance abuse, she decided to tell her story.

Bello had been one of the millions of women and girls in the U.S. and internationally who are abducted, duped or coerced into selling sex for their “owners'” profit.

For years she said nothing, but now she’s going as public as she can.

Bello has written, produced and directed a documentary film, “Survivor: Living Above the Noise,” in which she tells her own story as a sex trafficking victim, as do others in the film. The documentary takes the viewer to Bahrain in the Middle East, one of the global hotspots of the practice, where Bello went to recover from her experiences and learn about the impact of sex trafficking on women and girls there.

Bello is working with the International Black Women’s Public Policy Institute to draw attention to the problem of sex trafficking in the African-American community in a series of discussions and screenings of her film, which will play next month at the Cannes Film Festival.

Ka Flewellen, co-founder and executive director of the International Black Women’s Public Policy Institute, says African Americans must keep a special eye on trafficking victims who are women and children from the African diaspora.

“We will mobilize women of African descent within the U.S. to participate in a special hearing this fall on Capitol Hill, in an effort to develop a public policy response,” Flewellen said. “Sexual slavery and trafficking aren’t just international occurrences.  They happen in our communities here in the U.S. We must eradicate these practices.”


  1. Thanks Brook for telling your story and supporting other victims of sex trafficking.

  2. Its amazing you survived, most girls turn from light and remain in ignorance, But you did right and exposed darkness.

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