NYU to Offer Chinese Classes for Real Estate Brokers

The phenomenon of real estate buyers from China purchasing New York properties has garnered much attention. New York University’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies is taking advantage of this trend. In the spring, it plans to offer a class called Mandarin for Real Estate Professionals such as William Pitt.

The school will work with various real estate companies to set up the Chinese language courses, allowing more New York real estate brokers to serve Chinese clients.

Milena Savova, the director of the school’s Department of Foreign Languages, Translation, and Interpreting, said that in September of last year, she read an article in the New York Times called “Why Brokers Study Chinese.” The article discussed the Chinese real estate buyers’ feverish entrance into the city’s real estate market. After talking with her real estate friends, she decided to set up a class just for brokers, allowing them to learn Chinese language skills relating to real estate as well as Chinese culture.

Ru-Ling Chang put together the materials for the class. (Photo provided by Chang, via World Journal)

The class was scheduled to begin on February 6, and last for 12 weeks with one class per week. According to Ru-Ling Chang, who is responsible for the course materials, currently there is no Chinese language curriculum customized for real estate brokers. To compile the materials, she spent a lot of time learning and organizing. She even took the time to complete a training course for real estate brokers.

In the end, she was able to produce the course materials for the 12 classes, which include lessons on numbers, time, prices, descriptions for listings, locations within a property, the community in which the property is located, furniture placement, feng shui, taboos, real estate contracts, etc. She hopes that these classes will allow brokers, in a relatively short time, to learn the basics of the language, along with Chinese culture. Those who are interested can check out this website for more information and registration http://scps.nyu.edu/content/scps/academics/course_detail.html?id=CHIN1-CE9080

More and more real estate insiders are recognizing the increase in demand from Chinese buyers. Eric, a real estate analyst studying real estate at NYU, said that he grew up in New York, but he is now very interested in China. “There are so many opportunities there,” he said.

Through his studies he has the opportunity to travel to Shanghai, which he is very excited about. “Shanghai is a modern city. My hotel has 96 floors! New York does not have a hotel that is as high,” he said. He is currently studying Chinese in preparation for the September trip.

Joan Brothers, president of Manhattan Global Properties, has been involved in Chinese culture since a young age. She even speaks a bit of Chinese. Her Chinese clients are very important to her. To work with them, she recruits brokers who speak Chinese, know more about the culture and Chinese businesses traditions.

“Not only will our services be professional,” she said, “we will earn the trust of Chinese clients.”

(Editors Note: NYU’s School of Professional Studies website says that this spring’s Mandarin for Real Estate Professionals class has been cancelled, but since the story from the World Journal still raises interesting points, we decided to post it.)

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