L.I. Group to Help Salvadoran Elderly

Members of the Support Committee for the Jesús Nazareno Nursing Home in El Salvador. (Photo from La Tribuna Hispana)

The Support Committee for the Jesús Nazareno Nursing Home in El Salvador was formed on Long Island. The nursing home is an initiative of the San Carlos Borromeo Parish, located in Bellavista, in the department [equivalent to states or provinces] of La Unión in El Salvador. The committee was launched Monday, March 18, at a meeting held in Brentwood and chaired by Dr. Yanet Macay, who is the project coordinator in that country.

The committee members include Santiago Reyes, Wenceslao and Andrea Serrano, Emilio Ruiz and Isa Alas. Also, José Velásquez, Ernesto Trejo and José Díaz will meet again in the near future to establish a board of directors and thus promote the activities to be developed throughout the year.

“I am very happy with the founding of the Support Committee here on Long Island, New York, because we know there are many people who want to help us with this project, and the committee can channel that help,” said Dr. Macay.

During the past two years, support committees have also been formed in Los Angeles and San Francisco as collaborators in this social project.

The plans for the nursing home began in 2007, when a group of homeless seniors started gathering to get daily meals at the San Carlos Borromeo Parish. It was noted that many of these people, after their meal, had nowhere to go, and that many spent the night in the shadows of the church and in the hallways of public buildings. This led a group of parishioners to rent a house where the elderly people could stay, a service which has continued since then through the charitable support of the community.

In 2011, a donation of a large plot of land was received thanks to entrepreneur Roberto Villatoro. There, construction was planned, not only of the nursing home for the elderly, but also a medical clinic, a rehabilitation home, and a recreation center and gardens where the seniors could do some farming.

The new home will be located in the Santa Monica neighborhood. Construction of the first stage has already been completed, including the clinic, kitchen, toilets and bathroom facilities, and corridors, as well as the perimeter wall. The cost was about $150,000, which was raised through donations and activities sponsored by the San Carlos Borromeo Parish under the direction of Rev. Agustín Romero.

“We have received donations from business people, organizations, and even individuals, but the task is large, and we still need more funds,” Dr. Macay told LTH. Fresh water service was installed by the town of Conchagua, and an electrical system was donated by the AES energy company in El Salvador, among other organizations supporting this important social project.

Having realized that an enormous community of Salvadorans lives in New York, especially since a great many come from La Unión department, Dr. Yanet de Macay sent out a call to all her countrymen to do their bit in helping the department’s seniors in need.

“Growing old in poverty becomes a social problem which has still not been solved. That is why we are committed to providing some quality of life for our seniors so that they may enjoy their remaining life in dignity,” she stated. As getting old is inevitable, looking after our older relatives is very important. We all want to have the best life possible, no matter what age we get to. When families are considering moving a loved one to a nursing home or are required to move to an assisted living facility, looking into something like omaha assisted living (if you live in and around this area), to nursing homes in your local area could help make this decision a lot easier to make. No matter where you live in the world, there is always someone out there willing to help you out, no matter the stage of life.

She added that there are only two conditions when admitting seniors into the Jesús Nazareno home: that they have few resources of their own, and they have no family to care for them. “The nursing home will take in not only people from La Unión, but also seniors from other departments. We got a call from San Miguel asking if we could take in a homeless senior, and we did,” she said.

Those who wish to support this cause can help a great deal through the Padrino Plan. They only need to contact the Support Committee, or if they wish, they can contact the parish directly. “We need daily funds for assistance with food and clothing, as well as for paying the staff who serve the elderly, which includes two nurses who care for them,” added the coordinator.

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