Mixed Response to Health Window at Dominican Consulate

Dominicans in the waiting room at the new health window at the Consulate General of the Dominican Republic (Photo by José Acosta via El Diario-La Prensa)

The Dominican community had mixed reactions to the opening of a health window at the Dominican Consulate in New York.

Some Dominicans doubt that the service will last for long because these types of initiatives are created with the approval of political parties currently in office, and could be dismantled once a new administration takes over.

Ramón Casado, 38, said the only downside to the window is that it’s a “political ploy.”

“I’m not against them providing this service to the community; what I don’t like is that they politicize it because it divides people. In the long run, the service will disappear when the government changes,” said Casado.

Genara de Jesús, 70, and Manuel Báez, 49, who were visiting the consulate to obtain passports, praised the health window “because many Dominicans don’t have health insurance.”

“And there are many undocumented people who are afraid to go to the hospital for treatment,” said Báez.

The New York Dominican consul general, Félix Antonio Martínez, explained that the health window isn’t a doctor’s office, but rather a place that will connect healthcare providers with people that don’t have insurance.

He stressed that for patients than need major surgery, the consulate will deal with the hospital and doctors so they can receive the appropriate care.

The consulate still doesn’t have data on how many people will benefit from the service, which is expected to expand throughout the network of Dominican consulates in the U.S.



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