Opinion: Bracing for Stereotypes of Jewish ‘Princesses’

The upcoming reality show “Princesses Long Island” is raising concerns that it “will give the already-offensive term Jewish American Princess a bad name.” (Photo from Bravo’s promo video)

Could it get any worse?

When it comes to Bravo’s new reality show, “Princesses Long Island,” debuting on June 2, Debra Nussbaum Cohen doesn’t seem to think so. With that question, she begins the critique of the promo of the show, which will feature “spoiled” Jewish women in their late 20s. The opinion piece, which appears on The Jewish Daily Forward’s The Sisterhood blog, goes through a domino path of stereotypes, detailing each one as it falls.

If the series can be judged by the promo, they will give the already-offensive term Jewish American Princess a bad name.

The promo starts off with some woman who sounds like the love child of Fran Drescher and Joan Rivers screaming, “Guess what I have? Manischewiiiiiiitz!” and moves into a scene of bikini babes jumping into water when one girl screams “I think I broke my vagina bone!”

The stereotyping comes fast and furious: One girl says “My farklemptness is making me shvitz” and then another, who appears to be sitting in a limo, says, “Hasidic Jews, how do they get their curls so perfect?” At a bar, one of the characters says in a thick Lawng Oyland accent, “Are you guys Jewish?” Then someone named Erica drunkenly sings “Hava Nagila,” before falling flat on her face.

Nussbaum Cohen does a short interview with the show’s publicist – who did not want to give her name – asking if “Princesses Long Island” plays into the stereotypes of Jewish women.

“Not at all. You can’t really make any judgments about the show until you’ve seen it. I’m Jewish as well. No one on the show claims to represent all Jewish women. It’s a study of a subculture of an area of Long Island, of women who are in their late 20s, living at home and trying to navigate relationships with their families and friends. All that good stuff.”

Here’s the promo:

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