Say Hello to Summer With a Post-Sandy Rockaways Photo Shoot

The Brooklyn Industries collection features red “Cannonball Shorts” and a red “Seahorse Tank.” (Photo via Brooklyn Industries)

Coincidentally falling around the six-month anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, clothing store Brooklyn Industries has released their summer collection, entitled Rockaway Revisited, as reported by a not-so-pleased Gothamist, in an article referenced by Sheepshead Bites. Young people in hipster wear frolic around the Rockaways, which continues to struggle to overcome Sandy’s aftermath.

As Willie Simpson puts it for Sheepshead Bites:

In the background, sand is piled in streets, iconic landmarks are fenced off, and homes stand dilapidated.

Even the boardwalk’s cement foundation – the only thing that remains after the wooden planks were stripped by the storm – are playground fodder for these kidults.

With no plans to donate any of the earnings to Sandy victims, Brooklyn Industries rep Teddy Vuong spoke in defense of the company, saying, “Our idea to design the line came last summer because we found that the Rockaways had been a consistent source of inspiration in our personal lives.”

Vuong went on to explain the connections that many Brooklyn Industries employees have to the area and how deeply concerned they were after the devastation following Sandy. They also hoped people buying clothing like the “Rockaway Cotton Slub Pullover” would actually travel to the Rockaways and spend some money in the beleaguered region. Somehow, I doubt it.

Under a photo of one of the models looking into the camera, evoking a hint of either pity, relative grief or simply an ironic sense of coolness, Simpson signs off with:

Très cool, a–holes.

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