Black Women Ask Passersby to ‘Touch My Hair’

(Photo by Un'ruly on Instagram via Amsterdam News)

Black women put their hair on display for strangers to touch for the “You Can Touch My Hair” exhibit. (Photo by Un’ruly on Instagram via Amsterdam News)

Black women stood in Manhattan’s Union Square on June 6 holding signs that said “You can touch my hair.” According to the Amsterdam News, the “interactive public art exhibit,” as dubbed by organizer, came following an article on the fascination with black hair in Huffington Post written by the blog’s founder, Antonia Opiah. Amsterdam News adds:

“For years Black hair has been more than just hair in American culture,” says the exhibit’s website. “It’s been a suppressed racial characteristic, a symbol of political protest and political change and most recently the cause of some very awkward and offensive situations.” The website added that the exhibit aims to explore people’s interest in wanting to touch Black hair. Those who come are urged to take the opportunity to touch one of the Black women’s hair that are on display in the exhibit.

Un’ruly did a recap of what went down on the first day. Colorlines has photos from the event as well. The exhibit will hold its second event tomorrow, June 8 from 2-4 p.m. in Union Square.

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