Crime and Costs Hinder Mexican Couriers

(Photo via Diario de México)

Mexican couriers are now struggling to make a living. (Photo via Diario de México)

Couriers who travel between New York and Puebla, Mexico, are witnessing an economic downturn in their line of work due to rising crime and the high cost of plane tickets.

“The business is not longer profitable. Before, paisanos [Mexicans living abroad] were sending more packages home, but at the moment, there’s little profit,” said Isabel Merino, who has been a courier for more than a decade. Merino owns La Parranda, a business located along trendy Wyckoff Avenue in Brooklyn.

Merino explained that the couriers must do a certain number of trips per year in order to retain their membership which has become harder due to the raising price of plane tickets.

“The tickets keep getting more expensive and we can’t raise our fees because people don’t have money for so many expenses,” she said, and added that crime has also impacted couriers.

“People hire us to send very particular things like photos, jewelry, toys and other rare objects that have sentimental value. Unfortunately, sometimes criminals rob us of our clients’ belongings, and they lose trust in us.”

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