Immigration Rally Through Social Media

Around 5,000 marchers gathered in NYC to support immigration reform on Oct 5. (Photo by Linda Sarsour @lsarour via Twitter)

Around 5,000 marchers rallied October 5 in New York City in support of immigration reform. (Photo by Linda Sarsour @lsarour via Twitter)

Massive immigration reform rallies swept the nation on Saturday, October 5.  The demonstrations occurred in over 100 cities across the U.S., and organizers estimated that over 50,000 people came out overall.

In New York City, the New York Immigration Coalition put the number of attendees at around 5,000, with the march starting at Cadman Plaza in Brooklyn and crossing the Brooklyn Bridge.

Colorlines published a photo essay about the rally with images from New York as well as other cities across the country and El Diario-La Prensa reported on the marchers.  “College students, parents, grandparents and small children were among the thousands of people who marched on Saturday in different states in the country,” reporter Juan Matossian wrote.

Javier Castaño with Queens Latino also provided coverage of the march.

The demonstrators crossed the Brooklyn Bridge and arrived at City Hall where they were dispersed by police and union leaders. Mexican, Ecuadorean, Colombian, Peruvian and U.S. flags waved, with the Manhattan landscape in the background.

Another reporter for El Diario, Zaira Cortés focused on one particular marcher.

“Without being a member of any community organization, Adrian Morales came to the march with his children, both of whom are citizens,” Cortés wrote.

“I came with my family because I am convinced that this fight is mine,” Morales, from Mexico, said. “While I’m not an activist, and I don’t belong to any organization, I understand that I have responsibility to this campaign. My priority is to maintain my family united, far from the drama of deportation.”

Below you’ll find social media highlights from Saturday’s demonstration.

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