Mexican Biz Launch Hurricane Relief Campaign

Mexican businesses in the tri-state area will display donation boxes in their shops.  (Photo via El Diario de México)

Mexican businesses in the tri-state area will display donation containers in their shops. (Photo via El Diario de México)

Local businesses announced last week the Dollar for Mexico initiative (Un Dólar para México), a 15-day fundraising campaign with the goal to raise at least $250,000 for relief efforts in the country that was hard hit by back-to-back hurricanes that killed over 100 people three weeks ago.

The announcement was made on October 3 at the Mexican Consulate in New York City, where over a dozen entrepreneurs were present. Each received a sealed container with a tracking number.

“A dollar doesn’t make anyone richer or poorer, but it does help,” said Lilia Rios, president of the Dollar for Mexico campaign and director of La Providencia, an importer and wholesale distributor of Mexican products based in Passaic, N.J.

The containers are to be placed in stores in Mexican communities within the tri-state area.

On October 18, the containers will be brought back to the consulate, where the money will be counted and registered in a log. A notary public will verify the log and the funds will be forwarded to the Red Cross in Mexico.

The two storms hit Mexico on both coasts within a day of each other leaving millions of dollars worth of damages in their wakes. Hurricane Manuel struck on September 15 in the Pacific coast while Ingrid broke havoc on September 16 on the east coast. The combined death toll is over 130 people, with dozens of others missing and hundreds of families displaced.

Damages in Guerrero alone, one of the states cited by Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto as being most devastated, will cost an estimated $3 billion, according to the newspaper El Universal de Mexico.

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