Businessman Urges More Latino Representation on LES

Enrique Cruz is a life long LES resident and founder of  a Latino business owner association. (Photo via the Lo-Down)

Enrique Cruz is a lifelong LES resident and founder of a Latino business owner association. (Photo via The Lo-Down)

Taking issue with the lack of Latino representation on his local community board on the Lower East Side, local realtor Enrique Cruz spoke out. Ed Litvak reported on Cruz’ views for The Lo-Down.

Last year, a new community organization formed on the Lower East Side called the Association of Latino Business Owners and Residents (ALBOR).  Now the group’s founder and president, lifetime LES resident Enrique Cruz, is taking on an issue that’s concerned him for some time — Latino representation on Community Board 3.

The Lower East Side’s Latino population has been shrinking for years due to ongoing gentrification. But regardless of this decline, Latinos are still underrepresented within the neighborhood’s community board.

In spite of Census figures (2010) showing the Hispanic population of the district is 24%, there are only four Latinos on the 50-person board, he said. Cruz, who’s in the real estate industry calls himself a “numbers guy,” and someone who believes in representative government.  Asked how many Latino appointees he’d like to see, Cruz replied, “if you ask me that question I’m going to tell you. 12 board members is (statistically) what we should have.”

To learn more about Cruz’ efforts to inspire more Latinos to get involved with local government, read the original story.

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