Greek Magician at World’s Fair Returns 50 Years Later

Kamarr (Photo via Greek News)

Kamarr (Photo via Greek News)

Fifty years after making his debut at the New York World’s Fair in Flushing Meadows Corona Park, E. N. Kamaratos, who goes by the stage name Kamarr, will return to the park to receive an award and participate in the Society of American Magicians’ 105th Annual Salute to Magic at the Queens Theatre this Saturday, May 17.

An article in Greek News looks at the magician’s Greek roots, from his first encounter with a magician at the age of 13 at his school in Greece to his magic performances at the Greek Pavilion at the World’s Fair in 1964-1965. Greek News describes his show:

After he demonstrated his magical skills, the general manager offered him a job at the Hall of Magic, where he stayed until the Fair ended in 1965.

“It was promotional magic,” Kamarr said. “I had to do something having to do with a cigar, specifically the Tiparillo.”

He would place a coin into a box and a cigar would pop out. Then he would put a second coin into this large box and a Tiparillo would appear. Finally, after putting a third coin into the box, a woman would magically materialize.

In his career, Kamarr made dozens of appearances on talk shows, including David Letterman, and performed at major venues. For more on the magician and the “Salute to Magic” show, visit Greek News.

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