Mexicans in NY Come Together on Facebook

Eduardo Penaloza decided to do something on behalf of Mexican nationals living in the tri-state area. (Photo via Diario de Mexico)

Eduardo Peñaloza (Photo via Diario de Mexico)

The loneliness that many paisanos [Mexicans] feel has become a thing of the past since the creation of the Facebook page “Mexicanos en la Ciudad de Nueva York” [Mexicans in New York City], which is reaching thousands of members thanks to support from paisanos who share their daily experiences, discuss topics of interest, and introduce themselves with a “selfie,” widely-used by lovers of social media networks. Users only need a Facebook account to access it.

Eduardo Peñaloza, the administrator and moderator, said that paisanos have big hearts and a very “Mexican” sense of humor.

“In the three years [since it got started], all of us in this online community have learned a lot. We want to have a variety of opinions, tastes, and preferences,” said Peñaloza. “To that end, we always give everyone a place [to speak their mind], and there’s a platform that lends itself to constructive discussion.”

He noted that one of the most striking issues [that comes up] for Mexicans [using the page] is spelling errors, a situation which is improving as members gently correct each other.

Another hot topic is soccer, said Peñaloza, [who is also] a sociologist.

“Our country is very passionate and devoted [to soccer]. We saw it during the World Cup; there’s a spirit of brotherhood. When Mexico was eliminated, users posted the funniest comments with that sense of cunning and mischief that only Mexicans understand.”

“The project got started because we thought it was important to have a group where people could have conversations and share their experiences, paisano to paisano,” said Peñaloza.

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