Warsaw Uprising Mural Coming to Greenpoint

Mural of the 1944 Warsaw Uprising in progress (Photo by Wojtek Maslanka via Nowy Dziennik)

Mural of the 1944 Warsaw Uprising in progress (Photo by Wojtek Maslanka via Nowy Dziennik)

A giant mural commemorating the 1944 Warsaw Uprising is being painted on the walls of the Polish National Home “Warsaw” at Driggs Avenue in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

The mural’s unveiling will be one of the events planned in the New York area for the 70th anniversary of the Uprising.

The mural depicts the Warsaw Mermaid [Editor’s note: the sword-wielding defender of the city is found on the city’s coat of arms and is represented in a sculpture at Old Town Market Place in Warsaw], other symbols associated with the Uprising, and portraits of its fighters including one of Ryszard Kossobudzki (the father of American journalist Rita Cosby) and Julian Kulski, author of a book entitled “The Legacy of the White Eagle.” A panorama of Warsaw is in the background.

The mural is an initiative of the Pangea Network and the Polish Army Veterans Association of America, and is being painted by Rafał Pisarczyk, a New York-based painter, author of another historical mural commemorating the military figure Witold Pilecki, and painted on a private lot in Brooklyn.

The unveiling of the mural is planned for Sunday, August 3. Expected to attend the event are war veterans who live in the New York area, local politicians, representatives of the city administration and of Polish-American organizations. Also planning to attend the unveiling of the mural is Rita Cosby, author of the book “A Quiet Hero” about her father and the Warsaw Uprising. The book made it to the New York Times, USA Today and Washington Post bestseller lists.

The main idea behind the mural is not only to commemorate the heroes of the Warsaw Uprising, but also to educate people, especially the young ones, and Americans. “It is meant to be a living memorial honoring the memory of the heroic fighters,” said Grzegorz Fryc, vice president of The Pangea Network who came up with the idea of the mural.

“It is a modern way of honoring the Uprising fighters and a way of educating the young generation about the Warsaw Uprising, using artistic means that are now so intrinsic to Greenpoint,” Fryc said.

He also added that each year the mural will be painted again to depict other Uprising fighters who lived or still live in the U.S.

“Because we will be showing the portraits of different fighters we call this a living memorial. We want the mural to be the most prominent tribute paid to the Uprising fighters by the New York Polonia,” Fryc added.

Besides the unveiling of the mural, the 70th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising will be commemorated via a number of other events, including exhibitions and film screenings.

The Polish Consulate in New York, for example, will present an exhibition entitled “Fighting for Freedom. Warsaw Uprising 1944” prepared by the Warsaw Uprising Museum. The consulate is also trying to arrange the screening of a movie “The City of Ruins,” directed by Damian Nenow. Other movies to be screened on that occasion are “Kanal” by acclaimed director Andrzej Wajda and “Honor of the City” by Eugenius Starky.

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