‘A Restaurant Unlike Any in Chinatown’

Chef Jonathan Wu of Fung Tu. (Photo via The Lo-Down)

Chef Jonathan Wu of Fung Tu (Photo via The Lo-Down)

China-quiles – which takes a traditional Mexican dish and adds Chinese steamed egg custard, Sichuan pork sauce and yucca chips – is the brainchild of Jonathan Wu, the chef and co-partner of Fung Tu, a restaurant now in its eighth month and described by Ed Litvak for The Lo-Down as “the creative Chinese spot” on the border of Chinatown and the Lower East Side.

The idea for Fung Tu took shape three years ago when Wu met Wilson Tang, the second generation owner of Chinatown’s Nom Wah Tea Parlor, at a brunch pop-up in Williamsburg. Together with John Matthew Wells and Jason Wagner, they set out to create a restaurant unlike any in Chinatown, focused on inventive reinterpretations of homestyle classics. After opening last November, Fung Tu has earned praise for its cutting edge yet subtle take on Chinese American cuisine.

Wu, Bronx-born and Connecticut-raised, draws much of his inspiration from family.

“My mother used a lot of star anise and ginger,” he said, “so those flavors are definitely reflected (in the menu). She used to do a soy bean stir fry with bacon and black vinegar. It was one of my favorite dishes because it was tart and acidic and that’s pretty rare in Chinese cooking.”

Find out at The Lo-Down how Wu turned these flavors into dishes, as well as other influences on the Chinatown restaurant’s menu items – and see a photo of the China-quiles.

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