Orthodox Jewish Wigs Cover and Reveal

(From video at The Jewish Daily Forward)

(From video at The Jewish Daily Forward)

For Orthodox Jewish women who don a wig to cover up their hair – considered an intimate part of the body – the covering becomes a part of their identity. A video in the Jewish Daily Forward by Martyna Starosta and Frimet Goldberger takes viewers into wig shops in the NY metro area to get a close look at the craft and trends of Orthodox Jewish wigs in the community, and what they mean for the wearer.

In an article accompanying the video, Goldberger gives a rundown of the different types of wigs, and explains what a wig can say about the woman wearing it.

You can tell a lot about an Orthodox woman by the type of wig or other head covering she wears. Like the length of her skirt or the texture of her stockings, a woman’s headgear announces to the world her family’s tradition and her community’s standards. In Hasidic communities especially, the head coverings of the mothers of the bride and groom are often the first consideration in arranging a shidduch, a match. Except for the occasional girl who bucks matrilineal tradition and covers her hair with a less, or sometimes more, stringent head covering, a woman’s headgear indicates her family level of piety and, more importantly, her mother’s ways.

Visit The Jewish Daily Forward to watch the video and read the full article.

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