Thirty-Five Years of Chinese ‘Waves of Identity’

To celebrate its 35th anniversary, the Museum of Chinese in America is displaying over 200 objects it has collected since being founded in 1980. The “Waves of Identity: 35 Years of Archiving” exhibition explores Chinese-American history, identity and experience. According to MOCA, the items are “organized in eight sections through a series of provocative questions such as Where Does Chinatown End? How Do You Become American? and What Does It Mean To Be Chinese?”

In the video report from SinoVision, organizers emphasize that the exhibition “is for everyone,” whether they’re Chinese, Chinese American or neither. And those “provocative” questions reflect that openness – anyone can answer them and contribute to the conversation.

Said Herb Tam, curator and director of exhibitions at MOCA:

In reality, we’re also talking about that grand experiment of being American. It’s a fluid process and one that’s different for everybody.

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