A Virtual Caribbean Film Fest

A conversation about the difficulty of finding Caribbean films turned into a cause for Romola Lucas and Justen Blaize, two Caribbean immigrants who wanted to see more films by Caribbean people and about them.

The pair did some research and found that while there were many films being made in the Caribbean, they were generally inaccessible outside of the region. Lucas, a lawyer, and Blaize, a computer engineer and film artist, founded the Caribbean Film Academy (CaFa) to change that.

The Brooklyn-based nonprofit has been screening and supporting Caribbean films and filmmakers for two years, with part of the proceeds from film sales going to filmmakers. They recently launched Studio Anansi, an online video-on-demand platform where people can view Caribbean films from all over the region and the diaspora.

Reporter Melissa Noel tells us about CaFa’s new venture in this video.


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