Voices of NY’s Best of 2014

The Best of 2014 from Voices of NY
The Best of 2014 from Voices of NY

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A NIght of Protests: Eric Garner

Protesters criss-crossed NYC to express outrage over a Staten Island grand jury’s decision not to indict the officer linked to the death of Eric Garner.

A Night of Protests: Ayotzi 43

Protestors gathered in Times Square Dec. 3, in one of 43 protests around the nation to mark the disappearance in Mexico of students known as the Ayotzi 43.

Chinese Car Service Fends Off Uber

Good Luck Car Service plans to introduce a new mobile app to help it deal with competition from Uber and other e-hailing cab services.

New Yorkers Celebrate Obama’s Executive Order

In this package of reports, Voices of NY chronicles reactions to President Obama’s historic action to provide immigration relief to millions.

Polish Warsaw Uprising Mural Vandalized

A mural in Greenpoint commemorating the Warsaw Uprising of World War II was vandalized early Friday morning, and Polish leaders have vowed it will be restored, Nowy Dziennik reports.

Opinion: What’s a Life Worth in Chinatown?

An opinion piece in Sing Tao Daily asks: Where is Vision Zero in Chinatown? Four recent traffic deaths there have drawn little attention, unlike a death in a Central Park cycling accident.

Opinion: Modern-Day Slavery ‘in the Shadow of the Statue of Liberty’

Human trafficking is happening right in the Hudson Valley and the majority of investigations against traffickers starts with someone speaking up, says an opinion piece in La Voz.

A Nepali New Year is Celebrated

In Queens on Oct. 24, about 300 Newah people celebrated their Nepali new year and a ritual purification of the self, Mha Puja.

Troubled School Comes Back with S.W.A.G.G.E.R.

A new principal and a new approach motivated students at one Far Rockaway middle school.

Women March in NYC Against Domestic Violence

Over 300 women marched, dressed in wedding gowns, in the 14th Annual Brides’ March against domestic violence last week, El Diario reports.

Indigenous Communities Lead the Climate March

Indigenous community representatives spoke of the special meaning the event held for them.

Central Americans Learn About the Law

On Long Island, recent migrants cope with ankle bracelets and uncertainty about their future.

Warsaw Uprising Mural Coming to Greenpoint

The Warsaw Uprising of 1944 is being commemorated in Greenpoint by a mural which will be updated annually as a “living memorial,” Nowy Dziennik reports.

When Does Ramadan Begin?

NYC Muslims seek some consensus on when to start fasting.

Dreams Deferred?

Undocumented CUNY student Natalia Gutierrez, 21, voices her hopes and worries about the future in this video.

En Route to World Cup, Ronaldo Plays NJ

Portugal’s national soccer team will train and play for fans in the state.

DanceAfrica Comes to Bed-Stuy

In this video, students in the community perform to welcome DanceAfrica 2014 to Brooklyn.


Tracking NYC’s Pre-K Rollout

Voices of NY offers maps and data to analyze the new program’s first steps.

Ghost Houses, Home to No One

In Mexico, a luxurious house sits empty while its owner toils in the Bronx.

Treasures Lost to Immigration: Young People, Old Skills

San Antonio Texcala, Mexico, has become a ghost town after the collapse of its onyx industry.

Puebla to the Bronx: Three Decades of Exodus

Migration from Zapotitlán Salinas has transformed the Mexican region, leaving elderly people and children wandering empty streets.

Home-Cured Meat Could Trigger Neighbor Wars

Some Chinese immigrants hang fish, pork and duck meat outside their window to make dried meat at home, much to the irritation, and fright, of their neighbors, reports World Journal.

A Traumatized Community Struggles to Move On

Following the deadly East Harlem explosion and building collapse on March 12, “El Barrio” struggles to return to normal, El Diario/La Prensa reports.

Crisis in Ukraine Grips Immigrants, Divides Facebook Friends

As Russia signals it may annex Crimea, Brighton Beach residents privately ponder Ukraine’s future.

Confronting Mental Health Issues at Stuyvesant

Some students experience depression in the elite school’s high-pressure environment, reports Sing Tao Daily.

Elderly Koreans in NY Have Nowhere to Go

Following the ejection of six Korean seniors from McDonald’s in Flushing, Queens, experts say the community needs to offer the elderly better alternatives to senior centers.

From the start of 2014, when Korean seniors at a McDonald’s in Flushing, Queens, were forcibly ejected for having overstayed their welcome, to the close of the year, when protests over police brutality swept across New York City, Voices of NY has carried articles chronicling events of interest to and topics concerning the various communities and ethnic groups of the city.

In this collection of the best stories which ran in Voices of NY in 2014, you can read articles curated and translated from the ethnic and community press, as well as original articles written for Voices of NY.

Some, like The Korea Times’ account of the incident at McDonald’s, “Elderly Koreans in NY Have Nowhere to Go,” were picked up by other media outlets. Others, such as the articles “When Does Ramadan Begin?” and “En Route to World Cup, Ronaldo Plays NJ” topped the list of most-read posts in Voices of NY. Also in 2014, a new series, The NY Immigrant Experience, launched with the article “Puebla to the Bronx: Three Decades of Exodus.”

A wide range of topics, from reactions to the events in Ukraine to concerns about stress among Asian-American students at Stuyvesant High School to Central American child migrants, were covered in articles, photo slideshows, and videos. Check out Voices of NY’s best of 2014 by scrolling through the slideshow above.

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