Funding for ESL Classes Not Keeping Up With Demand?

The Feb. 18 episode of CUNY TV’s “Independent Sources,” covers the underreporting of pedestrian deaths in the city, the state’s failure to keep up with the demand for ESL classes, and a new book on relatively little-known Black artist Benny Andrews.

A recent report from the Center for an Urban Future finds that New York state is not keeping up with the demand for ESL classes, which is being driven by the 400,000 immigrants who moved to the state between 2008 and 2013. David Giles, a research director at the center, goes into detail about the report’s findings. (11:54)

“The big takeaway in our report that we’re trying to document is the fact that funding has stayed pretty steady over 10 years while the immigrant population and people who speak English less than very well, those populations have grown tremendously across the state.”

The it’s on to artist Benny Andrews who “has been described as a man who made a big impact without ever becoming a household name.” In her new book entitled “Draw What You See,” Kathleen Benson honors Andrews by using his artwork to tell his life story, which involved fighting for equality for women and artists of color. (19:10)

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