Can Community Press Fill the Void Left by the Daily News?

Is the city’s community and ethnic media ready to fill the news hole left by mainstream media closures? That is the question posed by CUNY TV’s “Independent Sources” to guests David Keisman, publisher of The Manhattan Times, and Jehangir Khattak, senior editor of Voices of NY. The Daily News’ move to close its bureaus in the outer boroughs opens up a vacuum for more community news but Keisman’s not sure what the impact will be as it was “not a very good community news source in the first place.” Watch the segment at 1:06, which also goes into the challenges of covering community news.

Then, in the segment beginning at 15:46, what does the addition of the two holiest Muslim holidays to the public school calendar mean for a community “that has constantly struggled for acceptance”? Hesham El-Meligy, the Steering Committee member of the Coalition for Muslim School Holidays, discusses the significance of this victory for the Muslim community in the city.

Finally, it’s over to the director of K-pop dance studio I LOVE DANCE, Munju Choi, and student DJ McIver. The increasing popularity of Korean pop music has attracted a diverse student body to the studio, which teaches hip hop dance set to Korean pop music. What surprised Choi about the students taking the class? How did McIver get into K-pop? And how did Psy contribute to the international K-pop phenomenon? Find out at 23:20.

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