The Little-Known Chinese-American Artist Behind Bambi

The “Water to Paper, Paint to Sky” exhibition at the Museum of Chinese in America showcases the works of Chinese-American artist Tyrus Wong. Few know that the Chinese-born illustrator gave “Bambi” a unique visual look that distinguished it from earlier Disney films. That style, says Herb Tamb, curator and director of exhibitions at MOCA, was inspired by traditional Chinese painting:

“In Snow White it was much more detailed and obsessively described whereas with Tyrus’ work and his influence coming from Song dynasty landscape painting, it was much more suggestive and ethereal in the way he rendered the light and the trees and the mountain.”

Coming to the U.S. at the age of 9, how did Wong learn traditional Chinese arts? What other projects make up his body of work? And what does he represent for the Chinese-American community? Watch Lani Nelson’s report for SinoVision above.

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