South Africans Mark Independence Day in Riverside Park

South Africans in New York celebrated 21 years of independence at an annual picnic held by community members on April 21 in Riverside Park on the Upper West Side. Isseu Diouf Campbell, who produced the video above, reports that the group held a moment of silence for the victims of the xenophobic attacks that took place in the country last month.

Many of them who have migrated to the US decades ago failed to grasp the idea that foreigners could be targets in South Africa.

One of the organizers of the picnic, Tabby Ramos, a New Yorker for more than 23 years was still in shock, but hopeful that “everybody would get together again and be at peace.”

Watch the video to hear more of what Ramos had to say about the “senseless killing of foreigners.”

Go to Afrikanspot for plenty of photos from the picnic.

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