Elderly Koreans Spending Less After SNAP Cuts

https://flic.kr/p/4QpUJ5  (Photo by a.tanski, Flickr Creative Commons License)

(Photo by a.tanski, Flickr Creative Commons License)

A Korean senior, Kim, 70, spends more time on his own nowadays. He used to meet friends and have a coffee together whenever he had time, but these days those things feel like a luxury.

He said his monthly SNAP benefits have been cut from $200 to $170. “Meeting friends is for when there is extra money,” Kim said. “Now I am afraid of meeting friends.”

Korean seniors are closing their wallets. They are reluctant to make purchases because the decrease in food stamps has impacted their income.

Sunny R. Kim, the executive director of the Korean American Community Center of New York, said that “to seniors, $5 is like $50 for the working population with steady incomes. With a shrinking amount of SSI and food stamps, a growing number of elderly people are concerned with their financial difficulties… There is a lot of anxiety among the seniors about what will happen if they face an emergency in the future.”

As a result, businesses that serve a high number of seniors are being affected. Acupuncture clinics and hair salons are witnessing a reduction in customers as seniors spend less. Pharmacies have also noticed fewer elderly people coming in.

A worker at an acupuncture clinic in Flushing, Queens, said, “The majority of customers that go to acupuncture clinics are 50 years old and older… Many of them feel directly affected by the reduction of welfare for the aged.”

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