Raising the Age of Criminal Responsibility?

Thomas Maupin (photo by Isabel Riofrio for Voices of NY)

Thomas Maupin (Photo by Isabel Riofrío for Voices of NY)

New York and North Carolina are the last two states to prosecute 16 and 17-year-olds as adults. Although New York’s Gov. Andrew Cuomo supported raising the criminal responsibility age to 18, he failed to push the measure through in the most recent legislative session.

Research suggests that human brains do not stop developing until the age of 25. So advocates argue that when youth offenders are placed in adult facilities they are more likely to reoffend, and to reoffend with more serious crimes.

Maggie Freleng spoke with juvenile offenders and criminal experts in New York who make a strong case for raising the criminal responsibility age. Isabel Riofrío helped with reporting and research.

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