A Diversity Disparity in NYC

The new season of “Independent Sources” starts with an episode on the absence of diversity in the city’s tech industry, unionizing to reduce the racial pay divide, and an African playwright festival.

A Center for an Urban Future study has found that the tech industry in New York City, known as Silicon Alley, does not reflect the diversity of the city.

Adam Forman, senior researcher at the center, and Angie Kamath, executive director at Per Scholas, an organization that gives tech access and training to underserved communities, discuss the dispartiy in the field and what can be done to change it. Host Garry Pierre-Pierre asks: Does the problem have to do with training or a lack of qualified people, or is it something more systematic? Watch at 0:41.

According to a recent study by CUNY professors, increasing the rate of unionization among Black workers nationwide can help narrow the racial pay gap. Stephanie Luce, professor of Labor Studies at The Joseph S. Murphy Institute for Worker Education/CUNY School of Professional Studies, and co-author of the study, goes into the details of the report. She points out that Latinos have seen some of the fastest growth when it comes to joining unions. And Black workers in unions receive 60 percent higher wages than those not in unions. Hear more on how unions provide protections on the job and narrow the pay gap, at 14:57.

Finally, at 22:28, learn about the “Now Africa: Playwrights Festival,” a gathering of writers, actors and activists that will showcase plays by writers from the continent of Africa.

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