From Puebla to ‘Nueva York’

According to the Consulate General of Mexico in New York, more than 40 percent of Mexicans in the tri-state area come from the south-central state of Puebla. CUNY TV’s “Nueva York” devotes their latest episode to the community, with segments jumping between New York City and Puebla.

Hear from an American sociologist studying the immigration patterns of Poblanos. (segment starts at 2:31)

Visit a town in Puebla known for its salt and onyx industry, as well as an exodus of its residents to the Bronx. And meet families there with children born in the U.S. but without legal documents in Mexico – essentially living “the paradox of being undocumented on the other side of the border,” as Nueva York describes it. (segments starts at 10:28)

Finally, community leader and education advocate Angelo Cabrera – who returned to his native Mexico to legalize his status and was left stranded in the country – speaks to Nueva York as he awaits for a visa to allow his return to New York. (segment starts at 19:45)

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