Voices of NY’s Best of 2015

From the devastating earthquake in Nepal to the death of Freddie Gray in policy custody in Baltimore, events around the world touched communities and neighborhoods of New York in 2015, and Voices of NY shed a spotlight on these and other issues that grip immigrants, people of color and various ethnic groups around the metropolitan area.

In One Man’s Return to Nepal: Mourning 17 Relatives, readers learned of how a Nepali immigrant to the U.S., living in Queens with his family, coped with the aftermath of the earthquake. In the video After Freddie Gray’s Death: A Message for Mainstream Media, viewers heard how words and language can distort reality and fan prejudice.

Voices of NY tracked the challenges faced by immigrants, from West Africans in the Bronx worried about immigration relief to Latinos threatened by their landlords. The concerns of particular communities, from Chinese business owners forced to close restaurants, butcher shops and other businesses because of rising rents, to Mexicans continuing to protest the disappearance of the Ayotzinapa 43, also were reflected in Voices of NY stories.

Stories about arts and culture, such as a video report on a Guyanese artist telling immigrant stories about her community, drew many views. So, too, did stories about food – from the opening of a Manhattan restaurant serving rustic Portuguese food, to the account of a South African family bringing a traditional meat snack to the U.S., to the popularity of goat meat across numerous immigrant cuisines in NYC.

Check out these and other stories in Voices of NY’s Best of 2015 by scrolling through the slideshow above.

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