Nowy Dziennik Goes Weekly

NDWEEKLY_540_360_80_c1_center_centerWith this Thursday’s issue, Nowy Dziennik is embarking on a new journey as a weekly. The publishers are hopeful, however, that the move will further strengthen the title’s position.

The publishers say that Nowy Dziennik, which has been present in the homes of Polish Americans since 1971, is adjusting to the changes that are taking place in the media world. “Just like other daily papers, Nowy Dziennik has for over a decade been struggling with dwindling sales and relocation of advertising to the modern media. It is difficult to compete with TV stations which have live coverage or with Internet which provides instant access to news,” says Nick Sadowski, vice president of Outwater Media Group, a publishing company he runs with Edward Nowakowski, president.

In the weekly edition, Nowy Dziennik is to be less focused on chasing the most current news, and will emphasize topics devoted to the Polish-American community, especially to the life of the Polish immigrants in the New York area. “We plan to concentrate our coverage on the issues important and close to our fellow Polish Americans, be it events in our community or aspects of the immigrant life, without neglecting the news from Poland,” the publishers say.

As a weekly, Nowy Dziennik will have a larger number of pages than the already thick weekend issue of its daily version. Indeed the first issue, which hit the newsstands on Thursday, Jan. 14, has 64 pages. The weekly will retain the most popular columns from the daily paper. “Concentrating on one issue full of content will help us strengthen the paper’s market position, make it possible for subscribers to receive it via mail on time and allow us to focus on developing the website,” the publishers say, pointing to the delays by the U.S. post office as one of the hurdles in obtaining and keeping subscribers.

Together with the daily edition of the paper, discontinued is the daily half-an-hour news broadcast “NDTV” that Nowy Dziennik produced for more than four years and broadcast on New York public channel WNYE-TV. The main reason for terminating the show were the costs of running it on the public channel, which does not allow paid advertisers. “From day one, we have relied on the goodwill of sponsors and our own funds. However, the costs of production of the show remained prohibitively high,” the publishers of Nowy Dziennik said in an editorial (published on Dec. 30), which thanked the Polish Army Veterans Association of America and the Polish & Slavic Center in Greenpoint, sponsors who covered a substantial portion of the NDTV costs.

The owners of Nowy Dziennik promised, however, to continue video coverage on its website: and its YouTube channel. “It won’t be daily news anymore, but we will still record interviews and stories from the New York area,” says Nick Sadowski, who pointed to the website, which is to remain vibrant with up-to-date news from the U.S., Poland and the world.

Nowy Dziennik was founded in 1971 and was run for many years by one of its founders, the late Bolesław Wierzbiański. In June 2011 the title was acquired by Outwater Media Group, owned by Edward Nowakowski, Nick Sadowski and Bart Sadowski. In August of that year, the paper’s main newsroom moved from its Manhattan location on West 38th Street to a spacious loft in Garfield, New Jersey, where the new owners also created a TV studio.

It is also where the weekly edition of Nowy Dziennik will be produced with reporters working in New Jersey, New York and Poland.

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