City Limits: 40 Years of Covering New York

logos-mash-771x514This month City Limits celebrates 40 years of covering what the magazine’s early marketing material dubbed “the other New York” – from tenants’ rights to community profiles to neighborhood organizing. Executive editor Jarrett Murphy, writing on today’s online site, says that the tag line “we cover the other New York” struck some as “self-ghettoizing, divisive, antiquated.”

But I think the journalism to which the line refers refutes those critiques. City Limits was established not to catalog victimhood but to chronicle, and inform, the work of marginalized residents to overcome their relegation. Our message has always been that there is just one city, and therefore that we ignore at our common peril the parts of it that are poor, brown, gay, immigrant, disabled, or otherwise separated from entrenched power. And no one knows better than our reporters and our sources that a lot has changed in the city since February of 1976. We saw it at street level.

Over the years, City Limits has reported on housing court, New York’s budget woes, organizing in the Bronx, homeless shelter plans, a city-owned crack house, and much more, as a compendium of 40 stories from 40 years shows.

Today a reader can find a story on homeless young adults, written by Genia Gould:

It’s very difficult to get an accurate count of homeless youth but the prevailing official count—based on a 2007 study—is 1,750 street-homeless youth per night in NYC, and 3,800 homeless youth overall.

The larger number includes youth that are unstably housed, in shelters, jail and other facilities. “There have been other counts since then but nothing that comes as close to capturing the true scope of the problem,” says Jamie Powlovich, residential director of GEMS, an educational and mentoring center for girls and young women “who have experienced commercial sexual exploitation and domestic trafficking.”

Check out more of the site’s investigations, past and present, at City Limits.

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