‘Danish Mardi Gras’ in Bay Ridge

Organizer Victoria Hofmo (Photo by Jordan Rathkopf via Brooklyn Paper)

Organizer Victoria Hofmo (Photo by Jordan Rathkopf via Brooklyn Paper)

Scandinavians no longer boast the numbers they once did in Bay Ridge but those who’ve remained carried on with the tradition of celebrating Fastelavn (carnival), also known as the Danish Mardi Gras. Festivities took place Feb. 20 at Vesuvio restaurant where one attendee described the traditional Lutheran holiday to Brooklyn Paper’s Dennis Lynch.

“It’s sort of like a Halloween tradition — in the old days, they dressed up as trolls and gods and things from old Scandinavian myths,” Barbara Bernsten said. “Bay Ridge used to be full of Scandinavian people, now there’s quite a few left but the area is becoming very, very diverse, so we’re trying to keep a few activities going that are very Norwegian.”

Go to Brooklyn Paper to see Bernsten and her husband Roy dressed as Olive Oil and Popeye, and to find out about a “piñata-type game” involving cats at the event.

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