Nepali Couple’s ‘Cafe Chiya’ Comes to Queens

  • Sign outside Cafe Chiya (Photos by Sahadev Poudel for Voices of NY)

Last October, Prem Thokar and his wife Poonam Theeng opened a Cafe Chiya, featuring Nepalese coffee and other specialty brews on 35th Avenue between 41st and Steinway streets in Queens. While Queens is home to many new businesses, often restaurants, opened by Nepalese immigrants, Cafe Chiya is a different sort of venture, complete with artwork and a trendy vibe.

Sahadev Poudel spoke with Thokar about how the couple planned for the business, and about their hopes for the future.

Poudel is the producer/creator of Himali Sworharu-Nepali Online Radio in NYC. This report was produced as part of the Business Reporting Fellowship of the Center for Community and Ethnic Media and funded by a grant from News Corp. 

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