‘Mole’ Fair Brings Mexican Flavor to Westchester

Mole (Photo by Simone Smith, Creative Commons license)

Mole (Photo by Simone Smith, Creative Commons license)

Spicy, sweet and sour, with a hint of chocolate flavor or however you prefer it, mole is undoubtedly one of the most important traditional dishes for Mexicans.

Throughout history, this delicious sauce has been a staple of the cuisine preferred by generations of Mexicans who have added their own spin to it, especially in the states of Puebla and Oaxaca, where cooks brag about making the best mole in all of Mexico.

Competition does not only exist within the homeland. Here in the in the U.S., specifically in New York City, a large community hailing from the two Mexican states proudly and devotedly continues to prepare the dish. This year, Mexican immigrants living here have organized a fair dedicated exclusively to mole.

On Sunday, May 15, from noon to 6 p.m., the Grupo Miztli organization, with the support of Unión de Poblanos en el Exterior (“union of Puebla natives living abroad,” or UPEXT), will hold the “Feria de Mole: Puebla vs. Oaxaca” which will take place at Library Plaza in New Rochelle, New York.

(Via the "Feria de Los Moles" Facebook page)

(Via the “Feria de Los Moles” Facebook page)

“The purpose of this significant gastronomic event is to make people aware of mole as a product and also to keep the cuisine of our fellow Mexicans alive in New York,” said Jorge Fierro, director of Grupo Miztli.

UPEXT Secretary Luis Torres invited all Mexicans to join the event, not just to taste the food but also to compete.

Torres said that, to qualify, dishes must be, “first of all, authentic; homemade, not industrial. All spices used must be organic; no chemicals allowed. Also, all participants must show their recipes.”

The jury is formed by members of the organizations and representatives of Mexican restaurants in New York City. The audience’s opinion will also be taken into account.

Each contributor will receive a certificate of participation. The event will also feature Mexican appetizers and traditional Mexican music bands. Admission is free of charge.

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